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Various MVC utilities, designed to simplify common development scenarios.


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This is an effort to make life a little easier, when developing Mvc applications.



MvcTricks.RoundTripModelBinding project

This is an effort to simplify model binding, by automatically persisting the the model data, which is else lost when sending data to and from the client.
It is not an attempt to reinvent viewstate!

The main purpose is to avoid using a bunch of hidden values in views, for id's, collections and other values, which might even come from database queries.

The current release uses the System.Web.Script.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer internally.
So if the JavaScriptSerializer likes it, it is probably usable here too.
Currently these custom converters (serializers) are implemented:

  • DateTimeConverter (DateTime, DateTime?)
  • MailAddressConverter (MailAddress)

The next release will feature a completely new serialization engine, written from scratch.
This engine will support IOC and interface types.


Do not use it on classes which are lazy loadable, like NHibernate entities, for example.


Some of the code used here, comes with permission from projects at UVdata A/S

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